installing the oce package for the R language

Several of the blog items have used the oce package.  The official version of this can be installed from within R by


and more up-to-date versions can be installed using the devtools package written by Hadley Wickham, which is itself installed with


after which installing the latest development version of oce is accomplished with

install_github('ocedata', 'dankelley', 'master')
install_github('oce', 'dankelley', 'develop')

Note that ocedata does not need to be updated frequently, as it only updated when new datasets are added to oce. The official version of oce is only updated every few months, but the branch named develop (used above) may be updated several times a day, if the author is adding new features or fixing bugs.

For more on oce, see the oce website on github.


3 thoughts on “installing the oce package for the R language

  1. clarkrichards

    It’s worth pointing out that usually only the `develop` branch is updated as frequently as several times a day. The `master` branch is usually quite a bit more stable.

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